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The Urge for Destruction is also a Creative one

Lyrics, music, poems, art

Self destruction creativity
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RYL the album, based on an idea by One Song and Dark Ronus (and inspired by other ryl members), members of recoveryourlife (formerly ruinyourlife) are planning to write, record and produce our own album, with themes of self injury and related issues turned into creativity. It's also a great way to release emotions and feelings rather than by self destruction. This is a place to post your ideas and contributions for the album (which will be available to buy on the main site when ready).
We are not looking for perfection, so don't be imtimidated, we just want simple honesty and hopefully to raise some self injury awareness through music and art. Both sad and happy ideas are welcomed. Anything triggering must be behind a cut with a warning. See here No flaming tolerated.
Anyone without a livejournal can contact One Song or Dark Ronius and we will post your ideas. Thank you.
To see an example of such a project go to With One Voice

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